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Mike has had so many requests from people all around the world for his assistance, That he has decided to offer private Video lessons.

All Tyros Customers & Non Customers.

Weekly In Depth Lessons

Including Chord Changes & Complete Song Settings including when to change variations, which sounds to use, intros & Endings.

Includes: Private Video, 1 on 1 Phone, Facetime, or Skype Support each week if needed

emailed Music with all the chord changes,

styles and tempos (with book purchase)

All for only $2.99 per Video Lesson

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With Book Bundle $ 3500 Value

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Private Videos

100 Years Of Songs

HL00100095 $17.95

Best Songs Ever

HL00101539 $19.99

Best Songs Ever (2nd)

HL00100118 $17.99

50 Great Songs

HL00140981 $14.99

Frank Sinatra

HL00131100 $19.99

First Set Of Books      (5 Book Bundle)


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Includes Shipping


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Donation to the seeing impaired for a Braille Lable maker for tyros &n keyboards   $950 Needed

We will list Doners & button removed @ Goal

$1.00 donation