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Pre-Owned Tyros 5 (76 Key)


Includes Stand, & Speakers

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Genos / Tyros

Genos / Tyros

New Yamaha FL512M

Flash Memory Expansion Module   $199.99


1 On 1

Phone Support

Get Both Book Bundles for Mike's weekly Lessons

Songs Of The 1950's

New Decades Series

HL00159571 $19.99

Songs Of The 1940's

New Decades Series

HL00159570 $19.99

Songs Of The 1940's

New Decades Series

HL00159569 $19.99

Songs Of The 1920's

New Decades Series

HL00159568 $19.99

Songs Of The 1960's

New Decades Series

HL00159572 $19.99

Yamaha L-7S

Deluxe Stand

$265 Value

Yamaha TRSMS05

Speaker System

$370 Value

Yamaha FC4

Sustain Pedal

$32 Value

Yamaha FC5

Extra Pedal

$24 Value



$20 Value



$80 Value

Mike’s Special

Tyros 5

Memory Stick

Only Available With

Tyros 5 Purchase

Survival Kit Includes

Extended Warranty

SK-AW $70 Value

100 Years Of Songs

HL00100095 $19.99

Best Songs Ever

HL00101539 $19.99

More Best Songs Ever

HL00100118 $17.99

50 Great Songs

HL00140981 $14.99

Frank Sinatra

HL00131100 $19.99

Mike's Big Tyros USB Includes:

Mike's Registration Banks

Past & Present Custom Music For Songs

$3500 Of #1 Hit Midi Songs-Lyrics & Score

One On One Private Loading & User Lessons With Mike, Unlimited Phone Support.

Pre-Owned Tyros 5 (76 Key)

With Flight Case

Edgewood, New Mexico

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Genos / Tyros

Genos / Tyros